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As a design manager, you have to keep many balls in the air. You need to interpret the requirements of the design brief, establish a design scope that’s technically appropriate, commercially competitive and effectively resourced. Then you have to monitor performance against the design schedule, monitor changes, ensure the design budget is not eroded and everything is delivered as per the schedule.

By importing the 3D Model into BIMXtra you can see real-time tracking of changes which provide accurate evidence of progress against plan.

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Design Manager

Equipment schedules are a pre-requisite. We can monitor the progress of supplementary data which allows revision controlled issue of schedules. This gives improved visibility of the design progress.

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Case Study

This project proves that BIMXtra is not only for big, complex projects – it can reduce cost, risk and time to market on small projects too. Key though is to start with the end in mind. Once you know where you want to go you can then develop a plan to plug any skills gaps and put in place the supporting processes and technologies to deliver the desired outcomes. Having a plan means you can also monitor for deviations and take any corrective action needed. The only other key ingredient is leadership. In order to excel your team’s going to need a clear mandate. It’s therefore vital that your senior management team’s also on board from day one.

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Key features in our latest release

Key features in our latest release

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