Application of BIMXtra

Due to the large number of individual models that were created in Bentley MicroStation, BIMXtra was fundamental in combining and structuring the data. This was to ensure that the correct and relevant data was used at the right time, by the right individual. These federated models were made available to all project stakeholders within Insight, our visualisation engine, to assist with design coordination tasks.

The programme was exported from Primavera and linked to modelled objects within Insight. Project stakeholders could access and run simulations based on predefined, filtered data sets, enabling them to make use of and exploit information relevant to them.

Multiple programmes have been loaded to BIMXtra enabling comparisons to be made. Items are colour-coded according to status such as delayed, early or on time objects.

BIMXtra is also being used as the portal to collect the Asset Data Collection Sheet required for data handover to Crossrail at the end the project. The benefits of using the power of BIMXtra’s configurable environment to align with the AD4 structure, defined by Crossrail, allows users to see different selections of the data and output it at handover in the format required. This greatly reduces the time needed to produce these data sheets and allows all stakeholders to complete their in data requirements in parallel, not relying on manual transfer using an excel file format.

BIMXtra provides easy access to design and construction data which can be interrogated by project stakeholders from one, single source of information throughout the asset lifecycle.

James Martin Head of Technical Services, BFK


Clearbox has simplified the means by which the project team accesses model and project data. The majority of model authoring software requires specific skill sets and expensive hardware to operate, unlike BIMXtra.

This results in the wider team being able to take part in BIM and efficiencies are gained across the project through the use of a central data/model environment.

As an example, the planners working on Farringdon have been able to access and link the models to the Primavera programme. This has been done with only very limited CAD support. In fact, CAD support has only been needed when changes are required within the models themselves.

Throughout the project, the client has required the programme to be updated on a regular basis. Updated information has been imported to BIMXtra and the team and client have been able to run visual comparisons between these programmes. These models are now accessible to all stakeholders through the BIMXtra system. They can be interrogated and used in meetings, on site and by all in their regular tasks. 

The increased use of BIMXtra on the Farringdon project has increased the quality of the data captured. This data is expected to exceed the needs of the client data handover requirements.

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Key features in our latest release

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