Implementation of BIMXtra

BIMXtra has been implemented on this project to provide a  common data environment (CDE) for the design consultants. Models were received from multiple authoring tools, in various file formats, including a point cloud scan. These models were exported to the BIMXtra Highlighter and were used within this federated environment by the team to review design   solutions.

The data loaded from models was examined for consistency, quality and completeness, which was reported back to the team for review. BIMXtra project control tools have been used to demonstrate and track developing design and model data compliance. Clash detection scenarios were configured and reported to the consultants for review and action.


BIMXtra Model Compare was used to track changes  between two versions of the same model, visually demonstrating amendments between versions. The output reports indicate these changes by colour coding the 3D model, which easily identifies deleted, new or amended items.

Further value was gained from using the BIMXtra 4D Programme. The construction programme was linked to the data within BIMXtra which generated a 4D sequence, material curves, and model programme comparisons.

Clearbox has been central to the implementation of BIM on the MGS project; their data integrity and review services have led to a robust and high quality digital asset, which is driving significant benefits for the project during technical design and delivery.

David Walters Argent


BIMXtra has provided a collaborative working environment for project stakeholders. During the procurement stages, design schedules from within BIMXtra were used for quantity take offs from the structural steelwork design and compared against the sub contractors tender returns. This provided the contractor with actual design quantities enabling them to determine the accuracy of the sub contract returns.

BIMXtra has taken models from various authoring tools, in multiple file formats, to provide a harmonious output, which has provided certainty of data in quantities, enabled design coordination using a federated model and produced 4D construction sequencing prior to starting work onsite.

BIMXtra integrated project control toolsets have provided significant benefits to the team when analysing and reporting on the data extracted from these models. Design changes have been tracked and clashes identified which have been used for monitoring and manag- ing modelled information.