Implementation of BIMXtra

BIMXtra was selected as the software tool to combine models received from the design teams. Models were created in various CAD authoring tools and were shared in various file formats. Combining these files in BIMXtra provided a single, federated model, which was available to all stakeholders.

Within BIMXtra, asset information was assigned to objects, which was then available to be interrogated through schedules or in a visual environment.

The project and asset information has been enhanced through the BIMXtra platform with the following:

• Facilities information
• Planned preventative maintenance requirements
• Digital operations and maintenance requirements
• Accommodation access information
• Manufacturers information
• Technical data
• Model/reference numbers
• Replacement costs
• Supplier information
• Design criteria
• Commissioning information
• Spare parts
• Consumables

Winner of Collaboration Project of The Year 2014. 

Winner of Collaboration Project of The Year

The key to this success, on a project with so many different authoring tools, is the ability of BIMXtra to gather the models and data as a single source of truth, in essence a real Common Data Environment in which everyone had only one instance of the handover information before the output was compiled directly to a COBie data drop 4.

Andy Boutle Senior BIM Manager, Kier Construction


The BIM models used for this project had limited data with- in them, and came from many different types of authoring software. Due to the flexibil- ity of the BIMXtra interface, it was possible to manually enter attribute data against the design and facility man- agement schedules. This overcomes the interoperabil- ity issues between different software platforms, and also enables non CAD software
literate users to contribute in- formation to this central data hub.

As BIMXtra is a digital infor- mation hub and retains all project data it is possible to produce COBie data drops at any point in time. With increased amounts of data being processed through the system during the lifecycle of the project, COBie reports become more and more established, which will enable the production of COBie data drop 4 at handover.

Upon handover, the Client will have the ability to interrogate all data associated to their assets using BIMXtra, live online via a secure access controlled environment to then access a single integrated model, data and document environment.