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The construction industry is undergoing a fundamental step-change in how it operates. We are moving to a world of truly digital-enabled processes and are playing catching up with most other sectors in doing so.

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We must not only consider the planning and construction of buildings and infrastructure but how they will operate and be managed into the future – how can we make them more efficient or predict when we need to maintain certain assets? Big data and the Internet of Everything will enable not only smart buildings, but smart cities.

The leaders in the industry are investing time to adopt new working processes that will provide the foundation for this.

We are at the forefront of this culture shift and new way of thinking.

Be Future Ready

Our product architecture is CAD-agnostic, dynamic and scalable – enabling you to be more productive now, and ready for the future. We have made sure that we can adapt and change with technology developments and the industry.

We will provide you with the latest digital processes – that’s digital, not electronic…dynamic, not static….instantaneous updates on your project and asset lifecycle.

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Leadership team

Photography of Graeme Forbes

Graeme Forbes


Graeme is a Chartered Civil Engineer by background and has been involved in the design and build of a wide variety of projects, both in the UK and overseas. Since 1999, he has been involved in running fully integrated design and build business units in major contractors across many different sectors. His exposure to the whole life delivery process and desire for the better use of technology led the development of BIM-based tools from 2004. This led on to the creation of Clearbox and its solutions, to realise the vision for the application of technology to overcome the issues he recalls vividly from his experience, from the early days as a site engineer to more recent roles running design and build businesses.

Photography of Justin Spencer

Justin Spencer

Development Manager

Justin has been involved in technical application development for the past 15 years and while starting in a development role, has been working in Solutions Architecture and Applications Development Manager roles since 2006. Pulling together the development team to start working on BIM tools in 2004 was the beginning of the BIMXtra journey. From that time onwards, we have constantly refined and adopted new techniques and technologies to enable the best performance and outcomes for the platform, keeping ahead of the development of BIM and the opportunity BIM enables. The BIMXtra development team is highly experienced and have been working in teams delivering enterprise applications for global initiatives since 2008. All of our development is undertaken using the latest development toolsets and utilises enterprise frameworks and methodologies to ensure compliance with recognised development patterns. The BIMXtra platform is now benefiting from the team’s past experience in delivering technically challenging development, deployment and integration projects on time and to budget.

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Key features in our latest release

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