Implementation of BIMXtra

AMK has produced in excess of 20 models and has shared and exploited data from these as a group using BIMXtra. Shared models have been loaded into BIMXtra and data has been mapped from these models in a consistent method, enabling users to make use of structured design schedules. Federated models are accessible using Insight, our viewing engine, and associated object data is immediately visible. 3D design coordination is available to any users at any point in time, in one shared location, accessible on site or in the office.

The team is currently structuring codes in preparation for the 4D construction sequencing task. Once this task has taken place, the project will benefit from viewing comprehensive 4D sequences and associated resource profiling.

Upon completion, simulations identify early, late or on time items. BIMXtra offers flexibility to the user by enabling object selection, highlighting areas which are relevant and important at any given point of time. 

Versions of programmes can be made to identify whether the project is running ahead, on, or behind planned progress. 

A further output can be gained from resource profiling using linked objects and a programme. BIMXtra creates material curves identifying exactly when and what materials are required on site. 


BIMXtra has enabled data from schematics to be included and treated in the same way as modelled objects. Apart from the lack of visual representation, schematic information has been exported from AutoCAD P&ID, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP. The team at Deephams has successfully loaded schematic information and this data has been consolidated and structured in design schedules. These objects, which have been derived from schematics, can be used for commercial, programme, construction and FM functionality.

The project team has adopted the use of the Request For Information (RFI) and commenting tool within BIMXtra. Comments can be raised against design schedules, in a visual environment or using our application for the field, Onsite. All comments are numbered, logged and saved in a central location with interactive links to the items to which they refer.

User accounts within the system give various access rights and enable nominations to be made to recipients, ensuring that the right information is being directly shared with the right person.