Fully Traceable

Work with documents in Work In Progress (WIP) with datalinks and file referencing maintained and then when you are finished move documents from WIP to Share and then Published repositories, making effective use of versioning and revisioning to accurately show the up to date status of each document with a fully traceable audit trail and secure user access rights.

With the DMS fully integrated into BIMXtra, it allows information such as design schedules, O&M documentation, FM documentation and work package tender packs to be found with ease in either environment to suit the user’s tasks.

Keep your project on track

Upload documents as single files or make use of the batch uploader.

Easy search functionality allows users to find and review documents quickly, items for review are easy to identify and users can filter and view documents to suit their requirements.

Our DMS workflow tool provides admins the ability to configure automated file distributions, file copying and notifications in the DMS, and also report on and monitor the status and progress of files as they progress through the workflow. This helps to ensure that users follow processes and everyone can see what needs doing when.

Making document collaboration simple - our DMS Client App

To really support power users of the system and encourage uptake across projects we’ve now created the DMS Client App which makes the DMS as simple and familiar to use as your desktop folder structures.

The DMS Client app sits on your desktop and enables users to synchronise the documents they need to folders on their PCs, check them in and out and work on them all in a Microsoft-style environment. It means that getting people to follow new processes is even easier, as the step to changing the way they work has got smaller.

What’s really handy is that it enables full multi-user, multi-application, multi-location, file collaboration…phew! Put simply it helps your teams work together whatever the tools, wherever they are, 24-7. So, you can have teams in Delhi, London and New York all up to speed in no time and working on the same project information across their time zones.

System tray notifications let you know when someone is working on a document, has checked it out or checked it back in, so you know who is doing what and when. In essence, this makes projects that use multiple authoring tools easier to run and manage.

Our DMS app allows users to work the way they're used to - in a Microsoft Office environment, while synchronising everything to our secure cloud to give you a full audit trail of what's happening. Not forgetting, we give you the ability to adhere to BS1192 / ISO19650 file structures and naming conventions.

A simple way of collaborating on your projects whatever the applications you use.

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Case Study

It has been really refreshing to use the new BIMXtra/Clearbox system in comparison to systems previously used like 4Projects (Viewpoint), Dropbox or 360Docs. The user interface is far more user friendly than other systems with masses of folder structures to navigate through where as BIMXtra/Clearbox allows a quick and concise navigation panel. Its ability to pre-read metadata and autocomplete where possible allows quicker and more efficient uploading which is completed by its solid platform which has always provided quick and responsive uploading.

Paul Sandford Group BIM/CAD Manager, Peter Dann Consulting Engineers

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