Clearbox helps Kier achieve BIM Level 2 compliance

Clearbox, the provider of leading edge information management products for the built environment, has helped Kier Group Ltd achieve verification to BIM Level 2 compliance with BSI.

The British Standards Institute set a strict matrix of assessment for Tier 1 contractors to adhere to in order to achieve BIM Level 2. Using just one integrated piece of software, BIMXtra from Clearbox, Kier was able to fulfil the requirements of the information management matrix thanks to the software’s security protocols, user access settings and the ability to revise control and view information.

Louise Dawes, Group BIM Integration Manager, Kier, commented, “Using BIMXtra has significantly reduced the number of processes we need to undertake to comply with all the requirements of PAS 1192:2. It enables us to manage information in one location with the toolset that allows us to deliver projects in a consistent, secure and efficient method across the entire business.”

She continued, “I feel quite spoilt having just the one piece of software in BIMXtra to assist with the task of managing information. It reduces our admin time and saves the training and licencing costs of multiple pieces of software.”

BIMXtra is a Common Data Environment (CDE) that enables companies to view and control an asset’s full lifecycle, from conception, to design and build, to handover and O&M. Secure, controlled access can be granted to all project stakeholders and revision control means that users always know they are working on the latest information. As a single source of truth, BIMXtra provides a more extensive CDE than many other products enabling accurate budgeting, scheduling and forecasting. The CAD-agnostic approach allows data to be imported in most formats, normalised, enhanced and then extracted in the format required. A powerful viewing engine, Insight, enables users to visualise their projects in 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D to provide such functions as clash detection, model comparison and scheduling control.

Graeme Forbes, Managing Director, Clearbox, added, “It’s great to see the power of our software being realised by a customer to save so much effort through our enablement of BIM and the processes surrounding BIM-based outcomes. BIM Level 2 is just a stepping stone on the journey to true Digital Construction, but a vital stepping stone to ensure the enablement of digital information. We often see a lag between BIM uptake and the adoption of our tools across an organisation but the cultural shift has begun.  The industry is on its way to realising the true benefits of having easy scalable access to all of an asset’s information in one place, it’s an exciting time to be driving the agenda forward to help our customers realise the cost savings and efficiency gains available to them.”