Clearbox, LSI Architects and Kier Construction Present the University of East Anglia Case Study

“The key to this success on a project with so many different authoring tools is the ability of BIMXtra to gather the models and data as a single source of truth, in essence a real Common Data Environment in which everyone had only one instance of the handover information before the output was compiled directly to a COBie data drop 4 output”. Andy Boutle, BIM Manager, Kier Construction


This project won Construction Computing Awards ‘Collaboration Project 2014’ and was also a finalist in the ‘BIM Project 2014’ at the same event. Please come and share our experiences, knowledge gained and lessons learnt from being part of this project. BIM Show Live 2015 – Thursday April 9th, Stage 4 – 14:15-15:15pm Session 8