Season’s Greetings

As we head for our second Christmas as Clearbox, it is exciting to reflect not only on what has been achieved so far but also our plans for the future. We are grateful to all our Clients who have embarked with us on this digital revolution of construction and we are excited about the number of new and potential customers that are actively engaged with us. To all of you, we extend our thanks and best wishes and hope you continue to embrace the change we hope to make to our industry over the coming years.

Last year we won the Constructing Excellence BIM Project of the Year for London and the South East. This year, with Kier and LSI Architects, we won the Construction Computing Award for the Collaboration Project of the Year. Once again, our success was not with the mega projects, although we are happy to work in such environments, but it was about everyday projects, delivered from BIM with a simplicity and efficiency that we hope to not only become the norm for BIM based projects, but which we are extending still further with new and innovative tools.

This video shows you our vision for 2015 and the extension of our product list with an exciting new tool in BIMXtra. It is part of what we want for Christmas, to simplify technology use for all of us and if you keep up with the blogs up to Christmas we hope you will be keen to explore the new functionality of our tool in connection with others. We expect you will find this extension to our new platform to be more powerful, faster and cost effective, extending yet again the ROI of our product over the competition.

To learn more about our products browse through our website and if you have any questions please call us on 0800 085 9872.

Thank you,

Graeme Forbes

Managing Director, Clearbox Limited.

Clearbox Ltd own BIMXtra, the tool developed to enable the promise of BIM, and provide services in Space Planning, Multi-Media and BIM Implementation.