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With all of the documentation on your assets stored in one, access controlled environment that is linked to the location both at a detailed building level, as well as being visible across your Estate, you can be notified and shown when and where you need to take action, making your life so much simpler.

…And, if you don’t already have all the information you need on your assets, we can help you conduct legacy surveys across your estate and integrate with your existing FM solution.

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Chrome Court

The key to this success on a project with so many different authoring tools is the ability of BIMXtra to gather the models and data as a single source of truth, in essence a real Common Data Environment in which everyone had only one instance of the handover information before the output was compiled directly to a COBie data drop 4 output.

Andy Boutle BIM Manager, Kier Construction

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Key features in our latest release

Key features in our latest release

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